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Founded in 2000, creating unique, functional and timeless pieces of art, made to last for generations, using only the best in terms of sustainable feedstock, is the company's legacy.

It all began as a hobby of Ugo Guttierrez Filho, when he decided to make the furniture of his own home, so his eldest son, Ugo Neto realized that he had great creativity and a huge talent with the work in solid wood, once a hobby and now the main business of the family, which today also has the youngest son, the designer Rodolpho Guttierrez, who is also passionate about art and sustainability.

Boulle uses wood as its main source of raw material, and has its own team that searches the most remote regions of Latin America, trees that fell naturally, woods that were submerged in rivers and dams and old pieces in which the team can give a new life, a new function and a new utility with the creative touch of the designers.

In the year 2014 the company began to export to the United States, thus starting to operate in the international market. In 2016 Boulle had the award of SEBRAE, as the most innovative company in the furniture industry of the state of Paraná, the second largest state of the furniture industry of Brazil. The LUG fireplace, the company's first series production, which was launched at Casa Cor PR, represented the Brazilian Design at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Rio de Janeiro Comercial Center by the International Business Center (CIN) in the year 2017 was featured at the Design Fair in Milan, Italy, by Brazil SA, represented the Brazilian design at the World Design Summit in Montreal, Canada and also represented the Brazilian Design by the Unesco curatorship in Wuhan, China.

Boulle has a team of Designers who designs and manufactures furniture among with architects and clients, the company believes in custom furnitures and functional decorative objects, the company aims to achieve and loyal customers, for this to Boulle fulfill each project in an exclusive and custom way.

In Brazil, the company has three workshops in the state of Paraná and two sales points in Curitiba and one in the D & D mall in São Paulo. In the international market it has points of sale in USA, Canada and Italy. Boulle exports directly to anywhere in the world.


Boulle  adopts lost natural pieces of wood art and finds them new homes, introducing them as one-of-a-kind, sophisticated contemporary furniture pieces while maintaining the highest quality standard, never compromising our respect for the environment.
Our lead designer is Mother Nature.  All pieces used are trees and roots that naturally lost their place in the circle of life. 
The human participation begins by saving what many would consider dead trees and roots in the woods, rivers and dams of Brazil.  Boulle salvages the wood and continue the circulation by giving the pieces the small touches of life that they need to be desired in new homes.
We are against deforestation and proud to exercise an environmentally friendly philosophy when gathering its pieces.  Today being environmentally conscious and appreciating art is a beneficial and growing trend.  Boulle brings the beauty of nature into homes and businesses while never posing harm to its natural order.


We live in a world that tends to use the Earth’s resources for self-serving purposes, even at the cost of destroying the planet. Sustainable products are being welcomed as the population becomes more conscious of its impact on the planet.
Boulle is proud to practice sustainability as all of our products come from forested areas that have been responsibly manage.  Our wood has been uprooted or severed by Mother Nature herself.  A trusted Forest Management Team plans and carefully executes tree harvesting from start to finish never harming or disturbing nature.  Younger trees always replace lifeless trees that are removed and all species are delicately selected ensuring no interruption in the circle of life.
Our team goes above  beyond travelling all over Brazil, we seek feedstock into rivers and dams, trees that have already been burned, among others. We see pieces of art in nature ruled, all of our pieces are unique, our job is to create  furnitures and sculptures giving the best workmanship to every single piece that was orignally created by the nature itself.

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Boulle's team

Ugo Guttierrez Filho


Graduated in Business Administration, Ugo has always been an entrepreneur, and with a market vision always ahead of his time. He had the first butch boutique in Curitiba, and under his management the restaurant Saanga Grill, won 8 times as the best churrascaria in Curitiba. But it was with Boulle where he felt professionally accomplished, he started the business as a hobby when he began to restore the furniture from his own home, until friends were showing buying interest, so Ugo saw a great opportunity to turn his hobbie into a career.

We believe in nature's design as the foundation to functional contemporary furniture and objects.

Rodolpho Guttierrez

Director and Designer

The artistic vein always pulsated strongly in Rodolpho, where in childhood he started with oil painting, guitar classes and theater classes, until his career as a Designer, which started when he began working with his father and brother in Boulle. Innovative artist with his custom timeless design pieces, Rodolpho was the designer who represented the Rio 2016 Olympics with LUG fireplace, at the commercial center in Rio de Janeiro and the Design Fair in Milan, Italy, and the prize for best public space in his first project at Casa Cor SC 2017. Always curious, willing to learn and perfectionist, he was named Director of SIMOV and Counselor of the CBD (Centro Brasil Design).

We manufacture people's dreams here, and our client realizes the value of our work.


Co founder and Designer

Ugo Neto always showed an ability to work with wood, his career started on his childhood, with wood slots and remodeling antique furnitures, but that wasn't what he was really looking for, so he decided to create Art Furnitures, only with recycled feedstock.

His passion is for tree roots, where it requires a very critical perception. This kind of labor stills very complicated, there no such machines and tools in the market that could replace the man hand. All his pieces are handmade and one of a kind.

Our passion is to transform natural reclaimed wood into unique pieces of art!

Rafael Sartori


Rafael Sartori always had the fascination for everything related to biology and natural science, with that in mind, his professional and artistic decisions were made about it. Sartori expresses his work through very strikin lines and well definied, resulting this way, nothing but the best pieces of art. His speciality is: Iron, steel, copper, aluminium and stones.

Leonardo R. Sokolovicz


Leonardo Sokolovicz uses techniques and professional tools to create one of a kind furnitures and pieces of art. Every single piece express the beauty of the brazilian wood, always respecting it's originality caused by the natures effects. Every feedstock that Leonardo uses are from recycled products. Leonardo Sokolovicz won in the first place the national tournament of  Woodwork in 2013 in Pomerode - SC, Brazil.

Cleto João Stival


The love for wood was always alive in Cleto's life, his father and his grandfather were carpenters. His parents really tried to keep him away os sculping in wood pencils using razor blades during his childhood. That passion was temporarily transformed into Hobby, and his work was always a target of positive feedbacks, increasing this way his will to make more and more pieces of art.

  • The love and respect with which Ugo treats the woods that he finds in Brazilian and Uruguayan pastures, transcend in the impeccable finish.The roots and trunks are beautiful, and in the middle of the rustic environment I can see incredible pieces, which after worked with a lot of affection, can turn into furniture, fireplaces or beautiful details.BOULLE de Ugo Guttierrez is like this these days, where everything is transformed through the eyes and ideas of every decorator, architect or designer. I was in love with the work of Ugo, who with his sympathy told us his trajectory and enchanted us with infinite possibilities for countless projects.We, decorating professionals, thank you! I am already imagining various uses for the beautiful woods that nature gives us.
    Luciana Baggio
  • Unique and exclusive! They’re Always respecting the nature. All the raw material that Boulle uses, where once pieces of no value for the man, and it is amazing what they can do with it!
    Cristiane Costa Maciel e Sony Luczyszyn
  • When I first met Boulle, I fell in love right away for many reasons. For its existing and for the product. I love tree roots, and to bring fallen trees to the inside of  the houses, to reuse that raw material it is just FANTASTIC! There is no excuses not to fall in love with Boulle, there is no way not to use they’re furnitures in my projects. It is impossible not want it and not  to love it!!!!
    Jocymara Nicolau & Andrea Posonski
  • "There is such an exclusive design from Boulle's furniture, that just enrich my projects with sophistication."
    Daniela Sumida
  • When I first met Boulle, I fell in love right away for many reasons. For its existing and for the product. I love tree roots, and to bring fallen trees to the inside of  the houses, to reuse that raw material it is just FANTASTIC! There is no excuses not to fall in love with Boulle, there is no way not to use they’re furnitures in my projects. It is impossible not want it and not  to love it!!!!
    Elisa Mielke
  • Me and my husband Carlos Canto, when we have the opportunity to go visit our friend Ugo at Boulle, we don’t hesitate. In addition to appreciate  the News of the  store, which by the way are  wonderful pieces, we are always very well welcomed with the tasty breakfast on Saturdays. A great company !!!
    Viviane Tabalipa
  • Besides having handicrafts of extreme quality, Boulle is noted for its exquisite service, making shopping into a pleasant moment, not only for the acquisition of a particular object of desire but for the relationship that Boulle team have with their customers.
    Rafael Carvalho & Fernando Schwertner
  • Boulle: Family business, where the transformation of wood into art are carefully carved by hand. The reuse of wood found in nature makes Boulle an example of sustainability. In addition to caring the famous breakfast on Saturdays and the love of care. This is our tip for you, visit this beautiful Boulle family !!!!!
    Luiz Maganhoto & Daniel Casagrande
  • The sophistication, rusticity and originality of the furniture of Boulle, which makes its one of kind furniture – It is always a great option to compose an environment. The pleasurable gold in the shop, which has a large variety of different items such as roots, stumps, antique furniture - very inspiring pieces – l always found what I want for my projects. And when I need something very specific, I order, with the certainty of great success with it in the end. In developing the store design, Boulle, the biggest challenge was designing it respecting these qualities and its origin. I design the prject for Boulle and he result for me was very rewasrding!
    Dalton Vidotti